Metiér- R Design STUDIO is an innovative architecture and integrated design practice based in India.The practice has pioneered a beautiful approach to architecture and design through wide range of works from residential architecture and interiors, commercial interiors, landscape design, furniture design to photography and print graphics.


Metier - R design studio, ARA- 91, Athani lane, Vanchiyoor, Trivandrum

+ 91 - 8113882249

Born 1987, Rheaa Krishna studied Architecture from Pune University and later pursued her Master degrees from IULM University in Milan, Italy. Her strong focus on aesthetics and functionality, has taken shape from her work experiences working and collaborating with many international Architects and firms around USA,UK, Europe and Middle East. Drawing inspiration from her travels, observation of human emotions and its complexities, Rhéaa always strives to create spectacular and striking spaces in their own minimal and understated approach that are full of life, light and personal essence. As an architect, Rhéaa is driven by concept, materials and aesthetics.

Rheaa founded her Architecture and Design practice, Metier- R Design STUDIO, in 2014 and since then the practice has been active doing projects around in India and Middle East, slowly seeking expansion in Canada.

The name Métier- R Design draws inspiration from the French word "Métier" indicating forte and passion for design.

In design, the Studio has a preference of using the simplest shape, simplest ideas whilst focusing on the beauty of the shape and its details, in pursuit of an end result leaving nothing to add or take away. A design process based on not just asking the question "How?" but to ask the question "Why?" has opened deeper design dimensions, allowing to embark on the path to create designs influenced by varied styles and concepts.

A Canadian resident, Rheaa spends her time between India and Canada, and in her free time is seen hanging around with her pup or trying to learn few chords in the guitar.